Getting Help

Sometimes domestic violence can be so damaging, that it leaves a woman with PTSD, post traumatic stress syndrome. Wounds to the soul, the spirit and the psyche can run deep and wide. Physical wounds can also be significant. Sometimes the woman needs counseling, but if there are kids involved they may need such therapy also. Dr. Will Meek reports in a Psycho central Online article, that children often benefit most from group counseling after domestic abuse if their mothers get their own counseling. The counseling for women who endure domestic violence can be individual or group counseling. Often group counseling is a lot less expensive and offers more of a support system.

A lot of times, the training that this special population requires is very different. It’s Okay to ask a potential therapist if they have this specialized training and experience working with victims of domestic violence. As one org article details, such women often need information and some help becoming safe from continued abuse. Many need to learn new behaviors so they don’t get into new abusive relationships.

A Good Therapy report details how the community, family and friends of victims of domestic violence are affected. They pin a definition of domestic violence as physical, sexual violence, emotional/psychological/financial abuse of one partner by the other partner in a relationship. As they explain, it’s about an effort to gain and maintain control of the other party. Synonyms for domestic violence that they offer include intimate partner violence, spousal abuse and domestic abuse.

Whatever name this issue is given, there are resources of all types available. Domestic abuse has been a death sentence for some, but it does not have to be that way for every victim. Help is available.

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