The Changing Face of Domestic Violence

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old face of DV

The Old Face of DV

This is the face that commonly represents domestic violence. You see it on the web, in advertisements and such. But, this is not the real face of intimate partner violence (IPV). The real face of violence is changing.

For instance, there have been positive changes in the laws to combat IPV. There is so much currently being done, and so much more work to do.

First, a lot more survivors of abuse are speaking out. I like to refer to this as the “Survivor’s Movement.”  In 2010, when I did market research for my book, My Life, My Soul – Surviving, Healing and Thriving After an Abusive Relationship, I didn’t find too many books out there written by survivors. Now in 2014, that amount has increased dramatically. Why? A lot more men and women are getting the courage to speak out about their experiences.

Maybe more people are speaking out because no one listened or believed them. Maybe it’s because come hell or high water, they want SOMEONE to know about what they went through. What has happened is that one story has inspired another, and so on.

Not too long ago, I posted the following  question on LinkedIn:

Should the term “Victim” be used when referring to those who experience domestic violence?

I received approximately 90 overwhelming and passionate responses from those who survived abuse, as well as those who work with Survivors. And that was only 23 days ago.

I personally never considered myself a victim – only those who have lost their lives to abuse are the true victims. Like April Jace, wife of Michael Jace, who was killed during a domestic dispute.

In my next blog entry, I’ll share with you some of the responses I received to my question.

Until then, Stay Blessed!


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